Advertising the “Y”

Intorduction There are three categories I would like to mention as we go through these two ads, which are: color, typography, and design. The Original Ad (advertisement by BYU) Color There are three pointed that use the same royal blue colors. That is the “Y” on the helmet, the blue on the sleeve, and the […]

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Will you bind your memories?

Advertisements In this assignment I had to sell a binder to a married 18-24 year old. With that, their main media consumption is tv, and magazines. They also make around 24 grand a year. So, in short, they are likely going to be newly weds, working on getting everything settled and what not. This advertisement […]

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Children and Sports

What inspires our kids to play sports? In creating this designs for icons, I just wanted to make it fun for kids. My goal was to make it look like something more fun, or something they would want to use. In my imagination, I pictured it as stickers and somethings the kids could play and […]

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Blessings of the Temple

What goes in to Making an Article? All of us have looked at magazines through our days. We have seen them at different times, whether it be the doctors office, a car dealership, our homes, etc..  Have we ever considered what goes into making an article?  As we explore this article, hopefully we can come […]

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Can you handle the real deal?

This advertisement was put out into circulation by the company Coca Cola in 1991. There are a number of interesting things about the advertisement, but we are going to look at the typography and how Coca Cola has used typography to potentially influence us. The advertisement was found on the linked site below. Typeface […]

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Make it Happen

Introduction It is no secret that football is a big deal in the United States.  I myself watch way to much football but I rarely look at the advertisements as advertisements. Let us explore the world of BYU football advertising in this one picture. Contrast I feel Bad on this because I circled what […]

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