Make it Happen



It is no secret that football is a big deal in the United States.  I myself watch way to much football but I rarely look at the advertisements as advertisements. Let us explore the world of BYU football advertising in this one picture.



I feel Bad on this because I circled what appears to be the whole picture.  The contrast I really want to point out is the fact that it is a black and white picture, but the player is out front in complete white. The contrast it provided to the different colors of gray in the back ground is very stark. It brings your eyes to the words, and then to the Player, and then the Y that is in blue.




For this one on repetition, it is just that the font is the same font and appears to be the same size. In addition, it is the same Y on the helmet that is used underneath the words.




The words, and the player are the focuses of the advertisement. After that it is all unused space. The things that are pertinent to the advertisement are all very proximate.




In this advertisement, the words are aligned on the left and then the Y is centered underneath the words. However, it is still not too much on the page and there are not to big of changes in the alignment.





The Y is the only “color” so to speak. However, in this advertisement they use the lack of color in the back ground to make the blue Y pop, but also the white pop in the black and white in the back ground.

In this advertisement it is kept fairly simple. Many of the schemes used are not hard to do at all.  It uses these principles to draw your attention to the player, and the words on the screen. Based on this ad, one can assume that simple is often better.


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