Do You See What I See?


Today, as we look at a number of pictures of nature, we will look to see how the photographers use the principles of photography, that are rules of thirds, leading lines, and depth of field.

Rule of Thirds

moose.jpg   Photo taken by Bill Silliker moose.jpg

In this picture the photographer did really well at using the rule of thirds.  When you do rule of thirds you split in picture into three pieces going up an down, and then three pieces going side to side.  This should make it so you have nine pieces. The moose’s head happens to line up in an intersecting point. That means that he is is lined up perfectly in the axis and it becomes pleasing to the eye. The body also continues with the line on bottom being pleasing to the eye.


Photo taken by Dallin Dalton (Personal)IMG_3315.jpg

In my picture I also lined up the temple to be in the second line.  I tried to put the temple in about the same position as the moose was in to line it up correctly.

Leading Lines

15868083484_2f8fa373d3_z.jpg  photo by Stephen Bowler

15868083484_2f8fa373d3_z.jpgIn this picture there are number of examples of leading lines. The ones I highlighted are on the ground, and are made by the light coming through the trees. It leads to the trees, and to the light. With that, the trees are also leading lines.


Photograph by Dallin DaltonIMG_2552.jpg

In my picture I tried to use the bridge lines as the leading line. At the time I didn’t realize it, but it doesn’t lead to much, but it still makes for a pretty picture.


Depth of Field

howie-garber-caribou-in-fall-tundra-denali-national-park-alaska-usa.jpg by Howie Garber

In the picture, the caribou is clearly the focus. However, the bushes, trees and mountain are the depth to the picture. It adds a lot of value to the picture.

IMG_3886.jpgPhoto by Dallin Dalton


Admittedly this picture is from last football season, but I find it humorous, so I thought I would share it here. I used the donut called a cougar tail, as the main object.  The depth behind the donut is the stadium.


As you can see, it is possible for a non-professional to take good pictures, and use these three rules and it will make all the pictures you take look more professional.


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