Blessings of the Temple

What goes in to Making an Article?

All of us have looked at magazines through our days. We have seen them at different times, whether it be the doctors office, a car dealership, our homes, etc..  Have we ever considered what goes into making an article?  As we explore this article, hopefully we can come to better understand the thought process behind some of the things we see in our daily magazines.

Design of the Cover Page

On this cover page I wanted a temple to be a focal point to show what the article would be talking about.  In addition, I wanted the title to catch your eye, and be a indicator of what the article will be about. In addition, I used the pink where it says “By President S. Monson” to match with the color palette of the rest of the article.  It is meant to match the pinks of the sunset, and also of the following back ground on the pages. Between the title and the “President Monson” we have contrast in typography as well. We see a sans serif, and a serif style of writing.  We also have the articles words going right in between the spires, again drawing attention to the temple and the topic of the article, keeping our focus on temples.

Blessings of the temple.jpg

The Second Page

Here, you can clearly see what I was talking about when I was talking about the pinks and wanting to match with them. With my picture at the bottom and the pink gradient moving down, my goal was to make them almost mesh together so you there was no solid line dividing them, and thus making it easier on your eyes. The text is all right aligned in two columns, again making it easier on the eyes and our comprehension and understanding.

Blessings of the temple2.jpg


Page Three

In this page, the focus was to keep the same color themes, and to also show some variety. The text cutout in the middle adds variety, and still keeps with the theme. In addition, you also have the original link at the bottom of the page.  In both this page and page two, we have subheadings to catch our attention. They foreshadow what will be talked about in the coming paragraphs.  They are also right aligned to keep it uniform, and easy on the eyes.

Blessings of the temple3.jpg


Well, this is an interesting question, because my audience is really anyone.  However, while making the format and what not the audience I had in mind was the youth of the church who are preparing for the temple. While doing that I tried to include temple pictures that are interesting and nice to look at. I tried to keep the colors aimed to the youthful generation and to keep them engaged. I worked on this with my younger brother in my mind.


All in all, these were just a couple of things considered while making the article, but it does open our eyes a little.  As we see the color coordinating we come to understand that it has been done with a purpose.

Photos taken by Dallin Dalton



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