Will you bind your memories?


In this assignment I had to sell a binder to a married 18-24 year old. With that, their main media consumption is tv, and magazines. They also make around 24 grand a year. So, in short, they are likely going to be newly weds, working on getting everything settled and what not.

This advertisement is the advertisement for the magazine. It is made to be a half page advertisement. dab.jpg
This one is the tv ad.  (All photographs taken by Dallin Dalton)


Why did I format them as such?

First and foremost, the the typography. I wanted something that contrasted with the “Five Star”  brand.  I looked at using fonts that had serif, but I decided to go with this cursive font to contrast the sans serif of “Five Star.”  The typography has shadow behind it as well to make sure it sticks out.

The binder is angled back to make it look as if it is tilted as you look at it while in the forest, in the oasis.  In addition, it attempts to make you want to document the current things happening in your life.  The pictures inside the binder are just meant to be previous adventures and something to look back on.  The binder also contrasts with the blue in the back ground.


Why this works with the target audience

This works with the target audience because it is shows you can still compile memories that you have with your loved one at a cheap and reasonable price.  In addition, it provides outside the box ideas for uses of the three ring binder.



This advertisement is meant to be simple, but inspire one to want to get out and adventure, but then store those memories in a binder.IMG_3886.jpgIMG_3405.JPGIMG_1061.JPGIMG_3758.JPGIMG_2659.JPGIMG_2655.jpg  Photos taken by Dallin Dalton


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