Advertising the “Y”


There are three categories I would like to mention as we go through these two ads, which are: color, typography, and design.

The Original Ad


(advertisement by BYU)


There are three pointed that use the same royal blue colors. That is the “Y” on the helmet, the blue on the sleeve, and the date and teams that will be in the game.  In addition, the other wording is the same grayish color that is found on the “Y” logo, of the numbers on the chest. It is consistent in it’s uses of colors and is very crisp.


The typography is interesting. The words are definitely a consistent san serif writing. It is very clear and easy to read. In addition the “Y” does have serifs, it provides interesting contrast that becomes nice on the eyes.


The creator of this ad understand a couple of important functions. One, is empty space. They uses empty space extremely well. One of my favorite instruments the creator uses is the way he makes our eyes focus on the man, then our eyes sweep over the text.  It is direct and you know exactly what they want you to do.

New Ad



Much like the first ad, the goal was to get the consistent colors. The colors on the sleeve, the writing of the date, and the outline of the numbers on the chest are all consistent. In addition, the royal blue, is the vintage BYU look. The gray is also used again in the typography and the lettering on the chest.


All the writing on the right is consistent. Like before, it  is sans serif, coordinates color with other parts.


I tried to keep the advertisement consistent with the design theories of the other BYU advertisement. I tried to use empty space well, and to help the person know exactly what I want them to do. (That is, wear black.)
BYU ad

Target Audience

My target audience is definitely BYU fans of all ages. In particular, the fans who will be attending games. The goal is to excite them enough for them to go and buy the black shirts, and wear them to the game to create the black out atmosphere.

Picture from



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